Self-Designed Exhibit #2

Self-Designed Exhibit Proposal

Name: _Chase Holley__________________________________Learning Outcome: study habits_______________Title of Exhibit: ________________________________________________________________

1. Topic of Inquiry (What do you want to study and why?) I want to observe study habits because I want to see how I really study for classes.

2. Hypothesis (What do you think you will learn or what do you expect to happen?)I think I will learn how bad of study habits I have and that I really need to fix them or my grades are going to keep on declining.

3. Methods/Data Collection/Documentation of Learning (How will you conduct your study and what

kind of data will it produce?) I will conduct my study by observing how I study every time I have a test.

4. Type of Presentation (How will you share your findings?) I will present my findings using adobe.

I wanted to observe my study habits and see how I study. In all reality I probably have the best study habits there are. I have almost zero study habits because I'm often hard headed and think I can go to class and just retain every thing the teacher says in one class session. I am the complete opposite of this. I have to put in time to studying in order for me to make good on tests. This self-designed exhibit really showed me how to do this.


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