Mike Brodie By joshua martinez

  • He was born in Arizona in 1985
  • He first began photographing in 2004 when he was given a Polaroid camera
  • His nickname was "The Polaroid Kidd"
  • Having never undergone any formal training, he chose to remain untethered to the pressures and expectations of the art market
  • Brodie spent the next four years wandering the U.S. collecting an archive of photographs that would go on to make up one of the few, true collections of American travel photography
  • He went on an adventure traveling across America. However, this travel was done by hopping onto freight trains and with no set destination in mind. All of this was documented through photography
  • His photographs are what he refers to as “travel culture”, and capture the lives of squatters, hobos, train-hoppers and those who are just out seeking true adventure
  • Although he has stopped making photographs, the body of work he made in five short intense years has left an enduring impact on the photo world
  • Brodie recently graduated from the Nashville Auto Diesel College (NADC) and is now working as a mobile diesel mechanic
  • He uses framing and leading lines in the photo above
  • The light in the picture is kind of subdued. Probably because San Francisco is a very gloomy place.
  • The center of interest in this picture is the Golden Gate Bridge, it captures my attention because of the framing he used in this picture
  • The mood in this picture is peaceful
  • The thing I like the most is the composition he used and the hue of the picture

I like how Brodie uses real life situations that some people might not see on a daily basis like himself. His photographs are very real, which I like. He uses leading lines in a lot of his work which draws a lot of attention to a certain subject.

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