BIG BOSS BREWING WELCOMES YOU TO THE STRANGE CARGO SERIES Our bourbon, wine, tequila and brandy barrel aged beers are worth the wait. Brews from the wall of oak barrels and two Italian made foedres will be offered periodically and in limited allocations on draft and in our signature 12 ounce single serve package with even more limited releases in 500ml bottles available only at the brewery.

Aging capacity from wine, spirit and two Italian made oak foedres
Reviews and Awards for the Strange Cargo Series
Fans — and even passing fans — of bourbon will enjoy this beer immensely. It’s full flavored and smooth on the palate, gliding to a lasting and lightly drying finish. I can see myself sipping on this one many an early evening this Autumn and Winter.

Praise for Bourbon Barrel Aged Tavern Ale thebarleyblog.com

2017 Releases

Saints on Raspberries A special edition of our foedre aged sour aged again in wine barrels with raspberries for an additional 6 months! (Bronze Medal Winner Tastings Institute)

Shutter Bug This is a mixed cultured brett beer with peaches! Added to wine barrels for additional maturation time giving the final beer a soft earthy finish. (Silver Medal Winner Tastings Institute)

2 And 6 Dubbel From the Strange Cargo series of barrel aged brews we made a classic Belgian Dubbel specifically for aging. Oak red wine barrels were used for 120 days of conditioning to give the palate notes of dark stone fruit, oak and grape in the final presentation.

FOEDRE #2 Cranberries With a rich amber hue this sour from the “other” foedre is enhanced with fresh cranberries. 6% abv

Space Mistress Saison European malts, hops and a dry Saison yeast highlights this classic style aged in oak wine barrels for 90 days for an added layer of complex oak and grape character. 6%

Brett Belle Our household favorite Belgian beer goes through a magnificent transformation. Hell’s Belle meets brettanomyces on oak red wine barrels to a funkified conclusion. 7%

Bourbon Barrel Aged Tavern Ale English / American Pub ale aged in oak bourbon barrels 7% abv

Packaged in 355 or 500 ml bottles


All photos: Big Boss Brewing Co / David Rogers

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