Reagan Era Addie wise


"Reaganomics" was Reagan's system of government to try and improve the struggling country's economy. His plan was to reduce tax wages on the rich, and as a result this wealth would "trickle" down into the other three classes.

Social issues

Some of the major social issues of the time period were AIDS, Drug abuse, abortion, and Education problems.

AIDS- AIDS became a major issue during this era, especially in homosexual men and drug addicts that shared needles. This gained a lot of attention in the eighties, and many people began to fear it.

Drug Abuse- President Reagan and his first lady launched a new campaign against the rising drug abuse. Their new campaign was known as "Just Say No" and pushed teens to stay away from drugs.

Abortion- Abortion was legalized by the Roe v. Wade court case. This led to a rise in abortion, and the debate on abortion. People argued whether the court had the right to decide that or not, and on what rights women have.

Education- Reports were revealed in this era that showed America's education levels being drastically below that of other countries. Many improvements were made to the education system.


During the Reagan Era, many women gained higher political positions in the government. Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to run for President. The Equal Rights Amendment was pushed during this time to equalize wages were women. However, this amendment did not pass. Abortions were also a major political issue, as many debated the governments authority to enact this decision. African Americans also gained political positions under Reagan's presidency.

Foreign Issues

President Reagan addressed several political issues. Reagan was firmly against Communism, and sought to end the Cold War. He increased military spending and developed many new weapons. He developed the "Star Wars" plan to scare the Soviet's from any nuclear attacks. This challenged the Soviet's to develop new weapons. This eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, as they ran out of money to spend, and therefore the Cold War.

In Latin America, Reagan began an effort to help Nicaraguan rebels.In the Iran-Cantra scandal, weapons were secretly sold to Iran in exchange for money to be given to anti-communism Contras of Nicaragua. In Panama, a General was aiding to the selling and distribution of illegal substances. General Noriega was arrested as a result of this. In the country of Grenada, there was a struggle to prevent Communist rule.

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