Take a Walk Photography Challenge Enrichment Option

Every Wednesday, a word is sent to students and it is their challenge to take a walk in the local area and photograph something that they feel represents the word.

The rules are:

  • The photo must be taken outside (such as on a walk with your family or in your back garden).
  • The photo must not include any persons/people in it.
  • The photo must not include and family pets -wild animals are fine.

See the images below by Kayla in Year 7 for examples

From left to right: discombobulation, texture, reflection).

Week One: Flawless, negative space, gooey.

Flawless by Courtney Yr8
From Left to right, top to bottom: Street by Anna 8LF , Flower by Orla Yr 7, Second row yellow flower by Sophie 7LE, White flower by Sophie 7SH, Green tomato by Francesca D.

More Flawless photos:

Left to right top to bottom: Frankie 7KC, Robyn S Yr7, Abigail 8SH, Helena W Yr7, Evelyn L

More Flawless photos:

Emily B 7GB

Negative Space

L-R Courtney 8SG, Frankie 7KC, Orla S Yr 7, Robyn S Yr 7, Francesca D


From L-R top to bottom: Orla S Yr 7, Olivia B 7KC, Courtney 8SG, Robyn S Yr 7, Francesca D, Emily Bell Yr 7

Week Two: Blessed

By Sophie B 7LE

By Frankie H 7KC

From L-R: Olivia B 7KC, Sophie B 7LE, Orla S 7GB, Anna G 8LF

Week Three: Repetitive

By Orla S Yr 7

Repetitive by Maia S Yr 7
Repetitive by Emily B 7GB
Repetitive by; Top: Anna G 8LF, Bottom: Frankie H 7KC
Repetitive by Olivia 7KC
Repetitive by Millie G 8GB
Repetitive from L-R: Nehara F, Orla S Yr 7, Courtney C 8SG
Repetitive by Serin H 7GA

Repetitive by Lucy C

Week Four: Ambiguous

By Frankie H 7KC

Ambiguous by Milly C 8GB
Ambiguous by ​Katie-Linh 9LE
Ambiguous by Orla S Yr 7

Week Five: Prickly

By Orla S Yr7

Prickly by Frankie H 7KC
Prickly by Olivia B 7KC
Prickly by Lily S 8GB
Prickly by Millie C 8GB

Week 6: Balance

by Anna G 8LF

Balance: Emily B Yr 7G
Balance by Orla 7GB
Balance by Aba D
Balance by Millie C 8GB
Balance by Olivia B 7KC

Week 7: Embellish

Week 7: Embellish

Embellish by Millie C 8GB
Embellish: Flower by Orla S 7GB, Top row: Sanugiya Yr 7, Amber-Lyna T 7SH, Butterfly by Frankie H 7KC,
Embellish by Serin H

Week 8: Curve

Curve by: Aba D, Aba D, Orla S, Ruby G Yr 7
Created By
Sarah Crowe