Greek Mythology of Zeus By Conner

Zeus: god of the gods 1. herculean tasks Heracles is Zeus's son. 2. Midas Touch means you have good luck.3. opening pandoras box invites trouble.4. Don't accept stuff from strangers. Zeus is the supreme ruler of mount Olympus and everything on it. Zeus is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea . Zeus was abandoned by his mother because Cronus ate all of the other children. Cronus foresaw the future of one of his children defeating him and getting killed. But Zeus's mother didn't want to lose another child so she replaced it with a rock and Cronus ate a rock. Zeus was then raised on another Island by wood nymphs and a she-goat named Amalthea who fed him her milk.

When Zeus grew up he went back to face his father. The cyclopes gave Zeus a lighting bolt and he was in a big fight that lasted 10 years

Character traits Zeus is powerful and strong but not wise. Hercules was strong brave and Heroic. Hera was powerful and Jealous. The cyclopes are mighty big creatures.

My favorite creature is Cronus because he is so big and strong.

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