Nicholas Harper

My name is Nicholas Harper. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies student at the University of Central Florida. My interdisciplinary focus is on Computational Science, Communication, and Digital Media. I've always had an interest in all aspects of technology, and I believe that bringing like minds together in a technology-based approach is a great way to solve a problem. The main theme of my portfolio is a mix of videos and computer programs, designed for both enjoyment and education. My target audience is the general adult population, but tailored to each specific project.

Courses Completed:

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My coursework is based on a technology-based approach to solving problems. I have Computational Science courses, where much of what I learned was programming. My minor is Digital Media, where I focused on video and image production. In both of these professional fields, there are many collaborative projects, so Communication is what ties it all together. Knowing how to be more professional in group situations will hopefully give me an advantage in my future career. I may not have a particular career in mind, but I love working with computers and media, so my coursework is set up to net me a job somewhere in that realm. I did originally want to be a programmer or software developer, which is how I began my Computational Science coursework at UCF, but I made a change and decided to focus more on media.


Titles: Videographer and Video Editor/Producer, Programmer

I've had a lifelong interest in video. The obvious difference between my interest as a child and my interest currently is that my childhood interest was strictly for recreational use, while my interest now is academic and professional. Further explanation can be found in the artifact video.

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