Relaunch Celebration Party! It's free and open!

Hello! I'm finally relaunching my Patreon page! I hope it will help me get more projects up and running. I've added some details below. I know it's pretty bare right now, but I'll try to add more stuff in the coming days. I've got a lot to prepare!

Or, at least, that was the original intention. I've decided that the relaunch would cover a LOT more. You can still become a patron if you like though. I would really appreciate it!

  • Free and open to the public.
  • I've got the venue.
  • Update: Date is confirmed for the 29th
  • It'll be a concert, a meet and greet, and basically a socializing type thing. But with my music!
  • Update: EP (with bonus tracks) relaunch, and prototype music from new album! Plus, a few covers that really tell a story ;)

Tickets Now Available!

For the low, low, price of $0.00! Yay! Love donations are accepted though. :)

The Venue

The Women's Earth Studio

This is a beautiful and peaceful space. I'll be getting pictures to add in a slideshow below! I think it will be a great space.

I'll also be premiering a more polished version of the EP I published in college. That'll be something to really look forward to!

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Cymphoni Fantastique

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