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Scientific & Engineering Practices

1. Asking Questions and Defining Problems 2. Developing and Using Models 3. Planning and Carrying Out Investigations 4. Analyzing and Interpreting Data 5. Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking 6. Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions 7. Engaging in Argument from Evidence 8. Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communication Information

Objective: I will demonstrate my knowledge of the scientific method by carrying out a scientific investigation (Scientific Practices 1, 3, 4, 8)

Think: What do you know about scientists?

Some Scientists work with food in agriculture.

Some Scientists study nature, like plants.

Some Scientists work with Marine Life.

Lets not forget about Doctors...they are scientists too!

Some Scientists study the weather...

Some scientists are engineers, architects or work with technology.

Some Scientists work with animals...there are so many kinds of scientists!

What is the Scientific Method?

The Scientific Method is a series of steps that all scientists use to carry out their investigations.


Lab Sheet will be Collected.
Ask a Question, Predict, Conduct the Investigation, Collect Data, Analyze Data, Report Results

Objective: I will demonstrate my knowledge of the scientific method by carrying out a scientific investigation.

Please respond to these questions in a paragraph format.

What is The Scientific Method? What investigation did you carryout today to show your understanding of The Scientific Method today? Give some details about the investigation. Why is The Scientific Method important?

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