Video Class

Video class is such a great class to be in because it such an amazing experience to learn new things and to see your improvement as the year goes by. It is a fun class to be in because you learn something new every week when it comes to making videos. I am very grateful to have this class because I love how I can see my video skills improve after every video.

This video was a news video made on election day and how the world was going crazy if the person they didn't want to be elected was going to be the next president. This part of the news video was a live interview of Ryan Burgandy asking a good citizen who was going to vote for before being robbed for his phone. After his phone was taken he ran after him and threw his sandal at him and knocked him out to get his phone back.

This video project was a video of a freeze frame. What a freeze frame is, is that when something suspenseful is about to happen you "freeze", pause the frame of the screen before the event is about to happen. This was such a fun video to make because it is all fun and games while making these videos, especially when some gets punched in the face with some sound effects.

This video was probably my groups best work all year long. We made a reenactment of the movie called "Friday". In the movie there is a scene in the movie where red ask's Rebo if he can get his bike back, but in our movie we made it the skateboard. After he ask's Rebo for the skateboard, Rebo told red that he would get it for him if he followed him. After a couple of steps Rebo turn around and knocks out red with the almighty force of his fist.
This video was one of our very first videos and it was called "My Movie" and the topic was to talk about random things while having 13 different camera angles. We needed 13 different shots so we needed to talk about different things in each shot. It was a very easy thing to do since we knew what to do.
This was my groups news segment. Instead of being interviewed and robbed, I was the weather anchor man. It was such a fun experience because I was making the best out of each little thing about it.
This was my favorite garageband song because it was very hard to figure out in the beginning. After multiple fails of trying to make a good enough beat to turn in, I made one that I liked very much and I am very pleased with my work since it was a very and still is very hard task to succeed.
In loving memory of the Beautiful Justin Vega.

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