The Power of Creativity The journey of a Digital Teacher

Welcome to my childhood before the internet! How did I survive?
Searching continuously for the books to complete my homework.....

After the internet was created and became popular, my life seemed to get easier. Or so I thought.

Now as a teacher, I struggle to teach how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

And how to keep from doing the same lessons over and over.

Now I need to work even harder to become a digital teacher!

My two big take-aways are.....

Created By
Brooke Schulte


Created with images by markusspiske - "office home office creative" • Rishabh Mishra (possible248) - "Encyclopedias" • JuliaC2006 - "Children's section of Higham library" • LarsZi - "Internet!" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • Alexas_Fotos - "social media internet security" • FirmBee - "mobile phone iphone" • Orange42 - "Waiting for Time to Pass" • geralt - "road sign town sign training"

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