Cameras and Camcorders BY marc williams

Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras combine the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film.

A camcorder is a portable video camera and video recorder.They range from prices from under £39.99 to over £299.99

A kidizoom camera is a plastic camera created by vtech for children.The camera can be flipped backwards to allow the child to take a selfie

The polaroid camera is a camera that uses self developing film to create a printed image.

Bridge Camera is a general name for digital cameras that have some degree of manual control, a long range zoom lens and a viewfinder – but usually not interchangeable lenses. They are somewhere between a point and shoot camera, and a full DSLR.

A camcorder is different from a digital camera because camcorders record a series of scenes and put them together to create a film.A digital camera takes a photo of one scene.The difference between a digital camera and a polaroid camera is that digital cameras do not print chemical images and polaroid camera do not have a screen, or a zoom function.

Features and Functions

Digital cameras use SD cards that can hold from 1 GB to 128 GB.

Most digital cameras have a video function to shoot videos.Some cameras can change the image, eg, color to greyscale or normal to negative.

Wifi is included in some digital cameras such as the Canon EOS 6D, the Nikon D750 and the Panasonic TZ80.

A raw file is the image as seen by the camera's sensor.Rather than letting the camera process the image for you, turning it into a JPEG image, shooting in raw allows you to process the image to your liking.

An MPO file is a photo in 3D and an MPEG is a file that produces higher quality videos than Windows.A JPEG file stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.The JPEG file has 2 sub formats, Jpg and JFIF.


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