The Parts of a Disposible Camera carly howell

The main parts of a disposable camera are the casing, shutter, lens, film, flash circuit and the gas discharge tube. Here are their functions:

This is the casing. It protects the camera and holds all the parts together. It also prevents light from hitting the film.
The shutter opens and closes between the lens and film with a picture is being taken. It also controls how long it is exposed to light. When the shutter is clicked the curtain slides and exposes film.
The lens helps bouncing light come together to form an image. This happens when the light enters at a new angle.
The film is where the photos are stored. When light light is reflected off the surface of the subject it causes emulsion. Emulsion preserves the image and is made of gelatina and tiny crystals.
The flash circuit is used to create a clearer picture. It uses the battery and the gas discharge tube the actually produces a flash.
The gas discharge tube is filled with a neon gas called xenon gas. It moves the electrons from one electrode to the other.
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