Museum of Natural History Butterfly edition

Nature on Display: I went to the Butterfly exhibit at the museum where they try to take a taste of the tropics and enclose it in the room. You're immediately immersed in colorful and exotic plants and surrounded by many butterflies and birds. My favorite part was actually the fake waterfalls and pond at the bottom of the butterfly exhibit with the fish in it. I couldn't tell you why, but I enjoyed it and the sound was relaxing.

You can see the pond below me that I touched on as my favorite part

Nature and Ethics: When I first entered the Butterfly exhibit, a statistic was given that 1863 different species of butterflies can be found in one square mile of rain forest in Rodonia, Brazil, and there are only 700 species in all of North America. As for ethics go, it is our bounded duty to preserve a level of biodiversity as the species that runs the world. Rain forest is destroyed at an unsustainable rate for "progress," but what if the progress we're making is in the wrong direction?

Me with a butterfly
This was where it gave the diversity statistic

Nature and the human spirit: Being in the butterfly exhibit put me in a good mood, and seeing as how the weather was so bad today (March 2nd) I know it was in spite of the blustery conditions. This is because nature has a soothing effect on people, and this little sanctuary of artificial, yet pristine version of nature is surprising seeing as how it is in the middle of the concrete jungle of the University of Florida. A respite from the bustle of our lives. It had a rejuvenating effect on me that got me through the rest of the day.

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