Chime Storyboard DRAFT By Motionistaz


Video 1: Save when you spend

As the image above displays, we've created our handmade accessories in order to represent the fictional order transaction and automated savings.

This short video will show the hand swiping the Chime card to buy general items like a cup of coffee, donut etc. Each time a hand swipes the card, coins flow out of the card into a jar, and the purchased items come out of the cellphone screen. This process will also include an instant confirmation text message from Chime.

Video 2: Save when you get paid

The second project will highlight the power of financial automation and how savings can be transformed into a fun activity like traveling. With each paycheck that slides into an iPad, we see the 10% of it appear in the savings jar. After the jar is filled with bills and coins, a hand grabs the money from it and transforms it into an airplane ticket.

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