An Athletes Struggle Maintaining Balance Amongst Negative Perceptions

In this project, the stereotypes and misrepresentations surrounding student-athletes will be examined. To do this, I will, rely on my personal experiences, speak from the perspectives of others and rely on other research to show that being a student-athlete is more demanding than people imagine.

Shiftless? Irresponsible? Procrastinator? Weak-minded?
Shiftless? Irresponsible? Procrastinator? Weak-minded? This is a false representation of student-athletes.
Omari Stringer #48

As a student athlete myself, I encounter the negative perceptions on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to confront these misconceptions head on as it is important for the public to the know the truth.

NCAA Regulations

Twenty hour rule in season.

Eligibility G.P.A 2.0.

Required vacation time.

Performance in the classroom? or Performance on the field?

What is Amateurism? According to the NCAA "The NCAA membership has adopted amateurism rules to ensure the students’ priority remains on obtaining a quality educational experience and that all of student-athletes are competing equitably".

STUDENTS FIRST. Athletes Second.


Amateurs cannot:

Contracts with professional teams.

Salary for participating in athletics.

Prize money above actual and necessary expenses.

Play with professionals.

Where does education stand as a student athlete?

Reality > Perception?

You Decide.

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