Russian Election Tampering


DNC: Stands for democratic national committe

Cyberespionage: is the act or practice of obtaining secrets and information without the permission and knowledge of the holder of the information, from individuals, competitors, rivals, groups, governments and enemies for personal, economic, political or military advantage using methods on the Internet, networks or individual computers through the use of cracking techniques and malicious software including Trojan horses and spyware.

no-fly zone: A designated area over which aircraft may not fly without risk of being intercepted.

Was it Russians that hacked into the democrats emails?

Evidence tends to show that Russia had a large involvement or was the main source of the DNC email hackings. Scott Shane stated, “Russian media reports link the charges to the disclosure of the Russian role in attacking state election boards, including the scanning of voter rolls in Arizona and Illinois, and do not mention the parallel attacks on the D.N.C. and the email of John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman” (Shane, Scott). This shows that Russia obtained information on the US election process but denies the email hackings, but David E. Sanger Said, “Two Russian intelligence officers who worked on cyberoperations and a Russian computer security expert have been arrested and charged with treason for providing information to the United States” (Sanger, David). This clearly shows that the Russians had crucial information on Americans that they didn't want us to know they had.

Why was Donald Trump so skeptical that the Russians influenced the election.

Donald trump was refusing to acknowledge that any russian forces affected the election to not seem as though he needed outside help to win. Donald Trump Stated “While Russia, China, other countries, other groups and people are constantly trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our government institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democratic National Committee. There was no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines” (Trump, Donald). Then later he finally admitted to tampering by the russians. He then stated that “it is time for our country to move on to bigger and better things” (Trump, Donald) showing he didn't want to undermine his election winnings. As

How did the Russians hack DNC emails?

Russians acquired DNC emails by breaching US cyber securities and acquiring unprotected emails. Special Agent Adrian Hawkins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that “At least one computer system belonging to the D.N.C. had been compromised by hackers federal investigators had named “the Dukes,” a cyberespionage team linked to the Russian government” (Hawkins, Adrian). They gathered passwords from DNC member by sending fake account password emails telling them to change their password. When they clicked on “change password” they gave a new password directly to the hackers. Billy Rinehart stated “ the hackers also gained access to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then, through a virtual private network connection, to the main computer network of the D.N.C.” (Rinehart, Billy).

Why Did the Russians want to Hack the DNC?

Russia is believed to hack into DNC emails and files to and make them public to help alter the outcome of the election. Lauren Carroll stated ”It’s no secret that Putin doesn’t like Clinton. She often tussled with Putin and his administration while serving as secretary of state” (Carroll, Lauren). This was a major reason why the leader of Russia wanted Trump to win over Hillary. Hillary clinton also wanted to put sanctions on Syria and Russia.“She is in favor of introducing a no-fly zone, which would apply to Russia as well,” said Damien Sharkov. This would be a major downside of having Hillary as president for Russia as it even cause a war between US and Russian forces.

Will Donald trump retaliate against the Russians for hacking into DNC email servers?

Putin and Trump seem to be on good terms with their similar foreign policies and will most likely not be conflicting in the near future. Ellen Nakashima stated, “After the election, the CIA and other intelligence agencies concluded that one of Russia’s aims was to help President-elect Donald Trump win the election” (Nakashima, Ellen). This goes to show that Putin likes trump and wanted him in office, so there is no reason for Trump to be mad at Russia or Putin. He even downplays the hacking saying, ‘’There was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election” (Trump, Donald). Although Russia tampered in an election, it positively helped Donald Trump so there will most likely be no retaliation against Russia.


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