Welcome Boudoir Babe! Lets get you ready

Congratulations on booking your Boudoir Session!

Don't worry, EVERYONE is nervous, but it's going to be some of the most fun you never know you were missing out on!

Naturally every client wants to know what to expect during a boudoir session. Sessions typically last 4 hours, give a take a few. I do run things just a touch different but not giving you a time limit and I do this specifically so we can take things at our own pace, on our time. I never want you to feel rushed; you are my sole focus and only purpose of that day. We'll have music playing, we'll laugh and we'll have fun and before you know it you'll session will be over, and you'll already be ready to start a new.

1-3 Months before your Boudoir Experience..

  • Schedule your hair touch up, nail and aesthetician appointments.
  • Begin using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips
  • Shop for at least one new item that makes you feel confident. Make sure you have a proper fitting bra and black panties in a thong and cheeky fit

3-5 DAYS before your Boudoir Experience...

  • If you wax, do it a few days prior to your session
  • Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed
  • If you you're planning on a haircut or color, give yourself a few days to make sure you're happy with it
  • We recommend a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish
  • Stay out of the sun
  • DO NOT TAN, spray or bed
  • Lower your salt intake if you're worried about retaining water
  • Try on your lingerie to make sure it's camera ready and remove all tags and labels

DAY BEFORE your Boudoir Experience...

  • Shower, shave and moisturize
  • Drink water for luminous skin
  • Get a good nights sleep

DAY OF your Boudoir Experience...

  • Use Clear Deodorant
  • Moisturize again
  • Don't forget to pack your proper fitting bra, thong and cheeky panties
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid red marks on your skin
  • Give yourself enough time to relax before your session
  • Eat something light, but filling
  • Arrive to Hair and Makeup with clean dry hair, and fresh faced

Then... Get ready to look amazing, plan on going out after your session, you are not only going to look amazing but feel sassy as ever!

Where to get lingerie?

If you plan on shopping before your session here are a list of my favorite places to get pieces from...








Client Lingerie Closet

Don't forget, one of the perks! We offer an extensive lingerie closet with all kinds of pieces on hand. So if shopping isn't your thing, that's ok, I've got you covered. A proper fitting bra and panties should be all you need if you don't plan on shopping.

Things to avoid....

Tanning! Please, please refrain from tanning before your session. If you MUST tan, I recommend stopping at least 2 weeks prior to allow your skin to settle into it's color and relax a little. Spray Tans are a MUST AVOID.

Corsets... which I know is a shocker. Remember this experience is about YOU and YOUR BODY, I will have you bending and arching all over the place and a corset won't allow for the full movement needed to capture those amazing curves.

Baby dolls are also a must avoid. While I think baby dolls are very cute in person, they don't quite capture the same way in camera. Your eyes will be drawn to the outflow away from the body, causing your mind to think your body is wider than it actually is.

Heavily patterned lingerie or pieces, especially colors that are fluorescent. You want your sessions to be timeless and to grow over time with you. Most "in" patterns will be outdated eventually and will make your images feel dated as well. Black is always in...when in doubt, always go black. Fluorescent pieces will tend to "glow" in images I recommend grabbing a softer color; pastels shoot wonderfully.


  1. Eye Infection and/or skin infection of any type. No session will be completed if you arrive to makeup with either of these visible symptoms, this poses sanitary and liability issues for the makeup artist.
  2. If you have been sick within the last 72 hours and are still contagious.


Communication is key before your session. I always ask if you have any questions, stresses or thoughts to email me. I'm happy to answer all of your questions and worries. I know how scary this can be, boudoir is so intimate not only physically, but emotionally. Girl...I got you!

If you are out shopping and run across anything you are thinking of purchasing for your Boudoir Experience but aren't sure, shoot me a message, I love to give input when I can.

That's it, now it's time relax and fun!

That's it girl! You're ready. I can't wait to see you again and make you feel like a goddess!

XO - Bree

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Bree Brown

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