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Today, with tears in her eyes, a mother thanks me for being her daughter's teacher. They came from Central America looking for a better future for her children. Parents that sacrifice everything so their children have a better education and a better future. "There is no better future with out education", my mother used to tell me. Life isn't easy here, when you know that your goal is to succeed. The pressure is on... I know, i've been there, done that! I understand exactly how this student feels when she is school with me.... New comer and trying to fit in. I am so glad I have the privilege to be here for her, to encourage and guide her...nothing makes me more proud than to see her success and her mother happiness! Moments like this are all worth sharing.... #priceless

#why ****Mom was happy, her daughter received an award, a Can Do Attitude Award! Many of us take this award for granted, but for others recognition for great work means a lot more that a piece of paper.**

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