Taking apart a camera inside of a fujifilm

The casing is the whole cameras housing that holds all the things inplace

The shutter allows the light to pass through a determined period

the lens is make either a photographic film or media and slows down the light

the film is a chemical formula and plastic substrate that is sensitive to light

the flash circuit is coiled lens of wire that flashes to make your pictures clearer

the gas discharge tube is an arrangement

Disassembling a radio
This controls the radio buttons and puts energy into the radio.
This controls changing the station and carries energy also.
This is what takes the cd into the radio to read the cd.
This reads the cd and makes the music
this is the back side of the mother board
this is the front side of the mother board that controls and is like the heart of the radio.
This is the casing of the whole radio that keeps everything in place.
These are the speakers that produce sound
this also helps reads the cd and sends it to the mother board to produce sound through the speakers.

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