Charity diary cover 2018 Journal entry by natkhawit CHOMPOO


Timetable for Project


Background of WHO

The world health organisation assists with problems in a plethora of countries around the world. Such problems includes helping without access to basic human necessities to survive and treatment for diseases such as Influenza and Aids.

Old posters from WHO

Newer posters from WHO

These are posters from WHO and what they both have in common are that they are bright and vibrant cartoons and bring awareness of disease and that everybody should have an equal chance to people.


From observing trends in charity posters and research people seem to donate more to problems that are to the highest degree and when there is actual depictions of people who are suffering.


Some other charities that do similar services are organisations such as Global alliance for improved nutrition, Innovations for poverty action and population services international.


Posters that have inspired me are the ones below as the first poster hold a deep meaning and symbolism and the second poster can make people emotional and sentimental.


I am designing a poster for a charity organisation called the world health organisation (WHO) that deals with third world problems across the globe.


My audience will be the general public or other big corporation as the more people who see it the better.


The purpose of my poster is to bring awareness of other countries and people that are suffering from hunger, lack of fresh water and disease and ask people if they want to donate or volunteer and help.


This poster will be mainly put around food stores and areas so people who are eating or buying groceries can empathise with those who don't have what they have. This could also lead to a higher chance for donations or volunteering.


Some problems that can occur is that it is not original enough and that there are many other charities that deal with similar issues or some food stores and areas wont allow these posters as they could lose deter customers. Another problem is that less people will see compared it being on social media or the internet.

Idea Generation

Mood board

An element that I have used within my sketches are volume as I tried to make my drawing seem 3 dimensional. I tried to stick to colours that are either primary or secondary when I'm colouring. For principles I've used proximity and alignment to convey how WHO is connected to others as in the world and people. When I fully create my design, I want to try to make my design balanced to symbolise equality and the WHO picture to be in unity.

Concept Development and Refinement

For my cover I've used digital media as it is the easiest for me to use and I believe that more people would prefer to look at digital than paper drawn designs. I think that any element and principle can work for the design and there can be in many combinations but it depends on what meaning you're trying to convey to the audience who looks at your design such as implementing type when you are trying to be informative or for value as it compliments balance and unity. I think an effective design for my organisation is to cause the audience to feel relieved with bright colours and smooth lines to show that WHO is a caring organisations that helps people in need or have realistic photos to portrays the disparity that is occurring. I can put these two design ideas so I can fulfil both type of feelings. This design choice is to convey to possible helpers and volunteers that this organisation is a nice place to join or have them sympathise and want to help.

Diary cover

Within this Diary cover It is a picture of a globe in a cartoonish style to make it look more heart-warming with the inclusion of my other elements that I wanted to include. Out of my ideas I tried to add all of them together but a little bit changed as I thought that just one aspect of what WHO does, does not properly portray fully of what they do.

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