Totalitarianism in Panam By andy

WHAT IS TOTALITARIANISM? Have you ever thought about about how the government in The Hunger Games is so heartless and how they do horrible things to the people of the country?Well there are governments like that in the real world they are called totalitarian governments where the government is centralized around dictatorship to keep the government in power.
HOW THE GOVERNMENT STAYS IN POWER. The First example of totalitarian governments in The Hunger Games is that the government lets people starve instead of give food to the people that need it. The government does this because if you're starving and constantly looking for your next meal you won't think about how to try and overthrow the government (Collins,6). This also works out for the rich people who are also very loyal to the government so they live and the poor die because they are not loyal. A quote from The Hunger Games that shows this is “District 12 where you can starve to death in safety” (Collins,6). it is like that in North Korea the government does not provide much food for those you cannot afford it so many people who do not like the government because of this die every year. The second example is that is that the people within the totalitarian governments in The Hunger Games are not allowed to criticise the government so no one else can hear them and decide to be unloyal to the government. A quote from the book that shows this is “I glanced over my shoulder quickly... someone might overhear you” (Collins,6).
RESTRICTIONS. Next is that in The Hunger Games the government does not allow people to move between districts because this keeps information flow at a minimum so those who do not like the government cannot tell others bad things that the government does and it also stops those who wish to rebel against the government apart. A example of this in The Hunger Games is “Travel between districts is prohibited”(Collins,41). also in the real world people in North Korea cannot leave legally and you cannot enter North Korea legally.
PUNISHMENTS OF PANAM. Finally the government in The Hunger Games has very intense rules where the littlest crime to us can be a death to the people and bad things will happen to your family in The Hunger Games a quote from the story that shows this is “All forms of stealing in district 12 is forbidden. Punishable by death”(Collins,29). In North Korea if you steal your are locked up `and never let out again. In Saudi Arabia stealing is punished by the amputation of your right hand(Taylor).
There are so many reasons why the government in The Hunger Games are related to totalitarian governments around the world, and to see all the connections between the government in The Hunger Games and in real life all you have to do is open your eyes and look around.
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