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Empowered to Disciple: Why I Believe in Discipling


One day, a friend asked me why did I leave the pastoral ministry to teach in a lesser known college. I smiled and responded: That‘s a good question! After much pondering, I actually found many good reasons why I should have remained in the pastoral ministry. Yet, I chose to teach and I am still teaching after thirty years because of this conviction: I believe in discipling!

At the risk of oversimplifying, to disciple is to teach others to obey everything that God has taught me. And God has assured me that he will be with me in my teaching till the very end (Matt 28:19–20). Hence, in teaching, I am simply obeying what God has commanded us all to do—to make disciples.

Furthermore, the Johannine concept of God and his love, as stated in John 3:16, is a motivating factor for me doing what I am doing, namely discipling (aka teaching).

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” (NRSV)

As John the evangelist declares, it is God who loves the world so much that he initiated the mission to reach his people. Though I am an introvert by nature, it is the sensing of God’s love and compassion for his people that compels me to step out of my comfort zone to venture into discipling through teaching the Bible to others. Meeting, initiating conversation with, and opening up myself to new students from diverse backgrounds every semester is not an easy task for me. Yet, it is so necessary in the discipling process, both within and without the classroom. Nevertheless, God has graciously and faithfully enabled me to disciple through teaching all these years.

Yes, as a teacher, I may not have the joy of telling others what a growing church I have built. But what joy it brings to me whenever I see our alumni actively serving, or hear of them making disciples of all nations. I have certainly chosen the right place to invest my life for the kingdom of God.

I firmly believe in discipling through teaching others. And our vision at ACTS College is to empower you to disciple. You can make it happen by signing up for training at ACTS. Alternately, you can make it happens by partnering with ACTS to empower more leaders to disciple through your generous giving and prayers.

一天,一个朋友问我,为什么我离开教牧事工去一所不太知名的学院教书。我微笑着回答:“这是个好问题!” 经过深思熟虑,我找到了很多为什么我应该留在教牧事工的好理由。然而,我选择了教书,三十年后我仍在教书。就因这个信念,:我相信门徒培训!



【约3:16】“ 神爱世人,甚至将他独一的儿子赐给他们,叫一切信他的人不致灭亡,反得永生。



我坚信通过教导他人来培训门徒。ACTS学院的愿景是让你有能力去培训门徒。你可以通过报名参加ACTS的培训来实现这愿景。或者,你也可以与ACTS 学院携手合作,通过你慷慨的奉献和祈祷,让更多的领袖得到装备。

Without ‘Family’, There Is No ‘Community’ 没有“家庭”,就没有“社群”

In ACTS College, “family” and “community” are synonymous – if not, the same word, just spelled differently. As the name of our school so boldly proclaims, we are a school that strives to emulate the same spirit of community, compassion, care, and love that was so evidently seen in the early church as depicted in the Book of Acts. As such, we believe that though we come from different backgrounds and life experiences, it is not impossible for us to experience the same kind of community that was seen in the early church, today.

On 16 March 2019, ACTS College held its annual family day in Marina Barrage. Students and faculty, along with their respective family members, gathered together to have a day of fellowship and fun. Some alumni, although having graduated a year or two before, decided to visit and join our current students and faculty members in all of the activities. What better way to forge and build up community other than through games! Regardless of “rank” or “hierarchy”, the games and activities allowed both student and lecturer to bond.

The event ended with the celebration of the birthdays of our beloved staff members and a dear lecturer. Certainly, a community cannot be built on mere activities alone. The sharing of food and time together in simple meals are truly essential in forming a lasting and strong community. Much like a glimpse of the early church in Acts 2, ACTS Family Day ended with everyone (both young and old, lecturer and student) eating their food “with gladness and simplicity of heart.”




How have you been benefited since studying in ACTS?

Studying in ACTS has been an eye-opening experience. With classmates from different walks of life and various church backgrounds, we interact and relate as one universal body of Christ, spurring one another on toward love and good deeds. The emphasis on collaborative learning means plenty of opportunities to grow together and platforms to know one another more. Working together, we complement one another's strengths and help one another in our weaknesses. Our lecturers are well-versed in their areas of expertise and they impart not just content, but the spirit of being a Christian minister. They generously share their lives and experiences with us.

Interview with student Chloe Tang

How have you been benefited from small group?

Small group has been such a blessing for me. Getting to know more fellow-students in ACTS and also hearing how God has moved in their lives was very inspiring because it also spoke into the situations in my life. Most importantly, when we prayed for one another, I truly felt strengthened in my spirit and was encouraged to keep walking in faith.

Interview with student Elika.

Empower leader to succeed

The three-year training I received from ACTS Bible College has unexpectedly prepared me for ministry. Last year, I was given an overseas work assignment as a Country Head for a regional company in Cambodia. The local church I attended in Cambodia had a need for the preaching ministry and I was asked to take up a monthly preaching assignment to assist them. I am thankful that I was able to put into practice what I have learnt in ACTS to minister to the Khmer congregation. It empowered and gave me the confidence to deliver the Word of God effectively in Cambodia.

Silas Tan, Alumnus 2016


After thirty years of teaching Greek with what Bill Mounce calls “standard” or Erasmian pronunciation, I will finally get to hear Greeks talking to one another in Modern Greek. I have been invited to present a paper at the Global Forum of Theological Educators in Crete, Greece. This forum will be held from May 20–24, and will be attended by theological educators from different parts of the world and every Christian tradition. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session. I think I have prepared adequately for the presentation but I am not a person who can think on my feet. And, when I close my eyes, I do not see the deep blue Aegean Sea. Instead, I see a sea of nameless faces. Also, I have heard one too many stories of travel gone wrong. Hence, here are my prayer requests:

1. Journey mercies and smooth transitions throughout this trip

2. Confidence when presenting and answering questions

3. Positive learning experiences from interactions with other theological educators

Thank you for travelling with us through your prayer support!

Sis Davina Soh- Ng


Inline with our college vision and mission, to develop a global learning community that will empower leaders to succeed in transforming lives and society. Our faculty are actively blessing the community of faith through teaching and equipping.

Bro David Lim will be conducting Developing Expository Sermons workshop for Riverlife church in May.


Bro Isaac Wong will be teaching at Cebu Faith Antioch Bible seminary during June holidays.



ACTS Retreat 2019 will be such a time of refreshing. As we retreat ourselves from our busyness, 4 days 3 nights at Swiss Inn Hotel (17-20 July 2019), we will enjoy a deep fellowship with God in worship and prayers, be revived by powerful sharing by camp speaker, and get many memorable moments with the Acts Community as we have fun together as a family. Join now!
ACTS 退修营2019将是一个令人耳目一新的时刻。在Swiss 酒店(2019年7月17日至20日)的4天3夜的退修时,我们将在敬拜和祈祷中与上帝保持深厚的团契,通过营会讲员的大力分享,将获得许多难忘的回忆,因为我们是一个家庭,一起享受乐趣。现在加入!
Apply Now: http://acts.edu.sg/post-graduate-studies-doctor-of-ministry/

You are encouraged to join us. 欢迎参与我们校友团契与交流会。


ACTS -School of Supernatural Ministry (A-SSM) is having the 5th Intensive Workshop from 1 July to 6 September 2019 at Eternal Life Assembly, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Offered under ACTS College, the non-accredited programme aims to enable Christians to be aware of the Supernatural realm and move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since its launch in 2015, more than 500 participants from 90 over churches have enrolled in one or more workshops. Over the last four years, many of the attendees have had their gifts activated and strengthened during the workshops.

Every year, there are testimonies of miracles, healings and supernatural happenings. Last year, one of the speakers who did not know Cantonese prayed in the language, while another attendee testified that she saw the word “joy” written on her palm during a workshop. The many signs and miracles attest to God’s presence during the workshops.

Registration has started for the 23 workshops that are commencing on 1st July. A certificate of Attendance will be issued to those who have attended at least 20 workshops.

This programme is offered at no cost to participants.

The enrolment form and programme schedule can be downloaded here:

Testimonies from our scholarship and bursary recipients 奖学金与助学金得主的见证

Contribute 贡献

ACTS College Ltd is a non-profit college that depends largely on the generosity of supporters and well-wishers. We subsidise seventy per cent of the tuition fees of each student. By investing in ACTS, you are contributing to our mission in empowering leaders to succeed in transforming lives and society.


You can now donate anytime, anywhere 现在你可以随时随地捐助

Kindly tap PayNow to ACTS College Ltd (UEN: 201422314G) or scan QR code below together with your name as “Reference No.” and email “adminmanager@acts.edu.sg” for receipt.

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