Mi Pecula By Christian Galang

La Gran Aventura LEGO

Duracion- 1 hora 41 minuto

Genero- Fantasia/Aventuras

La Valuacion- 96 - 4.5/5 - 7.8/10

Directors- Phil Loid, Chris Miller

Actores- Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrel, Liam Neeson, Channing Tatum, Alison Brie, Jonah Hill, Nick Offerman, Charlie Day, Cobie Smulders Will Forte, Jadon Sand, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Keith Ferguson.

Paises- U.S.A, Australia, Dinamarca (Denmark)

Fecha De Lanzamiento- Febrero 7 2014 (USA)

Citar- Todo es asombroso (Everything is awesome/amazing)

Summary- The Lego Movie is about a normal construction worker who does the same thing anyone is doing as makes him a perfect character in a world that is quirky in their own way. The villain Lord Business uses the Kragle (Krazy Glue) to try and keep everything where it is because he is tired of people messing up his perfect world. The Main Protagonist Emmet gets involve by finding a mysterious piece which is dubbed the "Piece De Resistance" and is said to be "The Special" which is said to fulfill the proficy to save the world. Emmet goes through many worlds to try and get support where he is tracked and gets many people captured and one of the worlds destroyed. His odd ideas prove very helpful to the people known as master builders who are people that know how to build a wide variety of things from any items they may find. Emmet then tells the master builders they should work as a team instead of individuals and then proceed to Lord Business' lair/tower. He then makes it very far to put the cap back on the Kragle until he and the rest of the master builders are caught and put in what is known as the "Think Tank". Emmet was given a different less secure spot then the master builders where him and everyone else in the Think Tank were told to be killed by Lord Business, Emmet figures out that the timer is connected to where he is being held so jumps off into the seeming infinite void and saves everyone and he ends up in the real world (Humans). There is a scene shown of how a kid was playing around with a bunch of stuff which is supposed to be his dad's work items and his dad puts everything together with Krazy Glue representing Lord Business. Emmet then comes back into the Lego World after being dropped into a magic portal where upon return becomes a master building where he builds a giant walking mech out of supplies from a nearby construction yard. He fights his way to Lord Business where they have a confrontation and Emmet gets his foot stuck in the Kragle and tells Lord Business how everyone is The Special, it then goes to the human world and shows a the dad hugging his kid and back to the Lego world where Lord Business hugs Emmet, takes the cap, and puts it back on the Kragle. Which then explodes but everyone survives the blast, the movie ends with the dad saying his daughter/the son's sister gets to play down in the basement and shows a bunch of Lego figurines that seem like they were made by a toddler.

Created By
Christian Pol Galang


Created with images by Brickset - "The LEGO Movie poster"

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