Clemson Comet Created by Dylan Logan

It was a sunny Thursday morning when I woke up from my sleep. The air was crisp, the birds were chirping and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Then suddenly, the world around me seemed to turn black, as if it had decided to go back to sleep. A large object rocketed across the sky, blocking the sun. It was some sort of sphere, perhaps a meteorite, perhaps something else. I ran outside to get a closer look, and it appeared to be hurdling towards us, as if it was destined to hit Clemson.

I suddenly felt the urge to do something, which was odd because it was a Thursday, and usually I have no motivation on Thursdays. It was as if I was overtaken by some greater calling, and i sprung in the action. I started to run towards Library Bridge to get others to safety.

I neared the stairs and leapt down them, but I didn't land at the bottom. Instead i began to hover, what was this wizardry?! I moved my legs in a walking motion, but nothing happened. Then it occurred to me, maybe the meteorite nearing the earth gave me some sort of super powers.

I suddenly shot into the sky, flying as fast as superhumanly possible, until i reached space. I, first, noticed that I wasn't dying from the lack of oxygen, and second, looked for the meteorite, so that I could divert it from Earth.

As I looked around, I saw it in the distance, and moved towards it. I noticed that the meteorite was not a normal meteorite, mainly because it had a face. As I approached, the asteroid stopped in its tracks and asked me what I was doing. I told him that he couldn't be here, because he was going to kill a bunch of people, and that he should impact Pluto instead, because Pluto wasn't important anymore.

The meteorite did as I asked, and started propelling towards Pluto. I re-entered the atmosphere and landed in front of Tillman, where a bunch of reporters were standing there waiting to ask me questions. They asked how I got my powers and how I stopped the meteorite. My response? Well, i'm not sure about my powers, but I was certain about one thing, I didn't stop a meteorite, because a meteorite must impact earth to be a meteorite, I just convinced a comet to go bother another planet.

Created By
Dylan Logan

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