St Ives Project Stillborn baby plot

Assessment Day

Janet and David Lavery met with Father David Cleugh and the Parish officials to assess what they wished to achieve on the plot.

Assessment Day

Day One - 7th April 2017

Lennie Curry & Janet Lavery started to clear the overgrown site, a very hard day as the site was not only overgrown but had lots od stone and rubble amongst it.

Initial clearance of brambles, low branches, general overgrowth, and removal of large stones. In total 14 Large sacks of waste were taken to the Council Dump in Stanley.

Memorial headstone was uncovered from the undergrowth, of 5 month old Alan Coombe who sadly died in a house fire at Pont Bungalows on 4th November 1965.

Day one

Day 2 - 13th April 2017

Janet Lavery worked to clear the ground ivy, cut back wall ivy and made a start on the digging over of the plot. 6 sacks filled with ivy roots and assorted growth and leaves.

starting to dig the ground on Day 2

Day 3 - 14th April 2017

Janet Lavery, Lennie Curry Clearing and digging over from the wall edge to the tree line. 7 sacks filled with ground roots and vegetation

Heavy Digging on day 3
Day 4 - Light at the end of the tunnel
Day 5 almost there!

Day 8 – 21st April

Janet Lavery and Lennie Curry finish off the ground dig ready to hand back to the Church. 15 Bags taken to council dump.

An amazing transformation

Over the period of the project, completed in the main by Janet and Lennie with a bit of help from Chris and a lot of trips to the Council Dump by David Lavery. In all the figures showed:

  • Personnel -Janet & David Lavery, Lennie Curry & Chris McCabe
  • Man Hours - 50+
  • Rubbish Removed - 64 Large Sacks
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