Manifest Destiny Pages 345-367

Rivalry in the Northwest

The Oregon country was a huge area located north of California, between the pacific ocean and the rocky mountains.
In the early 1800 four nations calmed the vast,rugged land know as the Oregon country.

Adams-Onis Treaty

  1. In 1824 Russia also gave up its claim to the land south of Alaska
  2. In 1819 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams got Spain to approve the Adams-Onis Treaty.

Mountain men in Oregon

  1. At first the fur merchants traded with the Native American, were known as mountain men.
  2. Over time, the mountain men could not make a living by trapping.
  3. Over-trapping limited the amount of pelts available, and changes in fashion reduction demanded for pelts.
What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty? America gained land from Russia.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny-Marcus and NarcissaWhiteman

  1. In 1830 America began to travel to Oregon to settle.
  2. Among the first settlers were Dr. Marcus Whiteman and his wife Narcissa.
  3. They were missinaries who went to Oregon in 1836 to build a mission.

Along the Oregon Trail

  1. The white men massacre was a shocking event that did little to stop the flood of pioneers on their way to Oregon.
  2. Drawn by the fertile Oregon land and driven by economical hard times in the east, many Americans took to the trail.
  3. These pioneers are called immigrants. People who leave their country because they left the United States to go to Oregon.

America Seeks its Manifest Destiny

  1. Since Colonial times, many Americans had believed their nation's misson should be to serve as a model of freedom and democracy.
  2. In the 1800s that vision changed.
  3. In 1819 John Quincy Adams expressed what many American were thinking when he said expansion to the Pacific was as certain as the Mississippi River flowing to the sea.

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

  1. Many Americans wanted the United States to take over all of Oregon.
  2. In the 1844 presidential election, James K. Polk, the Democratic nominee, supported this desire.
  3. The Democrats used this slogan "Fifty Four Forty or Fight!"

How did Polk's views differ from Clay's in the 1844 election?

It was different because the democrats supported the Americans for wanting to stay.

How did Florida become a state?

Spain transferred Florida to the United states on July 17, 1821


  1. Tallahassee became the territorial capital in 1824.
  2. Many plantations form Virginia,Georgia,and the Carolina.
  3. They left their old plantations for now land in Florida

The territory Grows

  1. In 1837 the census of territory of Florida.
  2. Florida voters chose 56 people to people to attend the constitutional.

the statehood of Florida

  1. Iowa finally emerged as w free state candidate

what caused the populate of Florida

Native Americans fewer than 8,000 people lived in the territory


  1. In 1821 Mexico won independence form Spain.
  2. Non-Native American population of Texas.
  3. Wishing to clammed Texas as their home

The alamo

  1. Texans had 180 soldiers to take on Santa Anna's army if several thousand.
  2. The Texans had brave leaders.
  3. They attack of 13 days.

Texas declares it independence

  1. On April 21, the Texans launched a surprise attack, shouting, Remember the Alamo.
  2. Texan leaders up a temporary government.

The lone star republic

  1. In September 1836, elected Sam Houston as their president.
  2. Texans what to come to the united state as a slave state.

Texas becomes a state

  1. Many Texans wanted to join the United states.
  2. The situation changed with the 1844 presidential campaign.
Why did it take a long time for the United Sates to annex Texas. Because Texas wanted to be a slave state.
How did the discovery of gold help California Urbane Sprawl because of gold

California gold Rush

  1. the farmers have thrown aside their plows the lawyer their briefs the doctors their pills the priests their prayer books and all are now digging gold.
  2. people form all over the world come to California to mine gold .

The Californios

  1. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the with Mexico.

life of an forty-Niger

  1. When ship arrived daily with gold seekers San Francisco became a boom town.
  2. Most forty-nines had no experience in mining.

gold rush society

  1. Mining camps contained men of backgrounds but few women.

Economic and political progress

  1. the gold rush had lasting effects on California.
how did the Californian gold Rush lead to the expansion of cities they a constitution of food.

A religious Refuge in Utah

  1. a new community and fulfilling their vision of the godly life.

The Mormons move on

  1. the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
  2. smith published the book of Mormon that year
  3. Smith was kill in Utah and Brigham young

A haven in the desert

  1. the Mormon migration began in 1846.
  2. about 12,000 Mormons made the trek in the largest single migration in American history .
  3. In 1860 there were many Mormon but Utah was not easily Incorporated into the United states.
why did the Mormon have to keep moving from one place to another? because of polygamy.

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