Harn Museum Kenneth Smith

When you first walk in the Museum, the first piece of art is in the middle of the room staring right at you. This specific piece is supposed to catch peoples attention and make them eager to see more. Picture by Kenneth Smith.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Seeing this type of clothing in a picture wouldn’t allow me to see how intricate every piece of this ensemble is. This one article of clothing must have taken a long time for someone to make, and I don’t believe I would’ve been able to fully understand that unless I saw how complex it is in person. The colors of this statue really pop out to you and the colors are so vibrant that a paint color wouldn’t do it justice. The colors communicated a special gathering to me and being with loved ones. It made me feel alive and free spirited.

In this picture I took a selfie with the artwork. This is a full body suit that people wore to festivals and danced in. It took countless hours for this suit to be made thats why it is one of a kind. Picture by Kenneth Smith.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that really stuck out to me was the Paula and Marshall Criser Garden. I thought it was strange that they made art just to be outside. The art would have to be able to withstand the natural environment because there was an opening in the roof that allowed sunlight in. Seeing this exhibit made me feel tired and helpless because the woman’s hands are over her head like she is trying to block the rain from falling in on her and she has no shelter. She is basically stuck out there with nothing to protect her from the outside world.

In this picture I was able to capture Juchiteca de pie inside an outdoor exhibit called the Paula and Marshall Criser Garden. This was one of the most unique art pieces in the entire museum. Its not everyday you get to see artwork in an outdoor exhibit. Pictures by Kenneth Smith.

Art and Core Values

The painting named “Funeral” really spoke to my core values of love and loyalty. This painting makes me think of those who I have lost and how they have impacted my life. It also makes me think of the people I have in my life today, and makes me realize I should love and respect each and every one of them. I need to be sure to let them know how much they mean to me because they could be taken from me at any point. This shows me that I should cherish the good times I have with my loved ones more and make more of an effort to show them how I feel about them.

In this picture you can see the family standing around the casket during the funeral. A funeral is imbued with a deep sense of solemnity and respect. The family members are paying their respect in this picture and it connected with me because I am very loyal to my family. Pictures by Kenneth Smith.

Art and the Good Life

This piece of artwork is a perfect example of what living the Good Life. This is a painting of New York City in 1946 by a German artist, which was during the war against Nazis. He explains in the plaque next to his painting that he went to New York with so many other refugees to escape the war going on in Germany. New York truly became a new home to them and gave them the opportunity to live their own Good Life free of Nazi fear. They felt freedom and security in America, and were able to have a new start in creating their new life. This painting allows me to appreciate how well I have it in today’s world because I don’t have to live in constant fear in my own country.

In this picture downtown Manhattan represents a city with roots from all over the world. George Grosz uses German American Expressionism to promote living in Manhattan during this time because of all the opportunities available for immigrants. Picture by Kenneth Smith.

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