Verizon Wireless Communications: Change Project by Jenna Alioth, Hannah Faragalla and Patrick McHugh

  • Strengths: Verizon is the largest provider of communication in the United States with a 33.3% market share, they also have over 80 million customers annually
  • Weaknesses: Verizon does not exclusively use their own network, and they have a weak ability to control cyberattacks
  • Opportunities: Verizon plans to purchase Yahoo!, there has also been a higher demand for broadband services
  • Threats: Rapid technological changes have made it extremely challenging for Verizon to keep up, other mobile companies are also a huge threat, as they are
  • For years, Verizon has been trusted by many to protect their private information.
  • 2.122 confirmed data breaches occurred in 2015 and in 2016, Verizon experienced 3,141 confirmed data breaches
  • The specific change that our team is proposing Verizon makes is that they increase preventative cyber-security measures so that they can insure that the information of the company and it's customers is safe.
  • Verizon is going to do this by screening employees to make sure that they are trustworthy, training them on how to handle cyber attacks, and implementing standard operating procedure for if a cyber attack does occur.
  • Our team believes firstly, Verizon needs to carefully screen any employees who have access to specific company and customer information.
  • Secondly, we believe that Verizon needs to ensure that their employees are not abusing the resources of the company, such as the internet. Creating firewalls and other security measures on company computers will ensure this.
  • Verizon also needs to create specific training for employees so that they are able to catch onto the signs of a security breach before it happens. Although the company does train it's employees, we believe that they should ensure that they are doing high levels of cyber-security training in addition to the general training that they are currently doing.
  • Finally, we also believe that Verizon can up their cyber security through creating standard operating procedures. Standard operating procedures may include but are not limited to, establishing security roles and responsibilities, establishment of an employee internet usage policy, identifying potential reputation risks, and response steps to take after a cyber-breach.
  • We believe that this change is urgent, because the amount of Cyber attacks is continually on the rise. If the company does not make these changes now, it could be detrimental for the company in the future.
  • Building a coalition of executives, cyber security managers and employees to help implement this change is crucial to its' success
  • The company should also have a vision of what the end goal is, and how the security within the company should look.
  • The average employee at the local Verizon store should be informed of the changes, as well as aware of what the security policy of the company is
  • One barrier of this change is the barrier of communication. Making sure that corporate is communicating with the local stores is important to seeing a successful outcome of this change.
  • Short-Term wins would include making goals for the amount of cyber security attacks the company sees each year, for example, a goal could be seeing 100 less attacks in 2017.

In conclusion, Verizon is a company with many strengths, and one that has a lot of places to grow. However, it also does have its weaknesses and some threats to it as a company. If Verizon can follow the proposed change that our team has suggested by taking preventative measures to protect the information of the company and its customers, screen and train employees on how to handle cybersecurity breaches, and implement standard operating procedures for handling a cyber-attack, they could continue to be one of the most successful companies in their field.


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