Postcards to Public Health Workers Giving thanks to Oregon's healthcare workers

Postcards to Public Health Workers is a way for the OSU community to recognize our public health workforce and how hard they have worked during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask students, faculty, and staff to make/contribute postcards of gratitude. The PPHW team will compile the postcards and send them to all 32 local public health agencies across Oregon.

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. public health system had sustained decades of budget cuts, resulting in inadequate staffing and resources to execute essential public health services.

The stress and strain of responding to a pandemic has further pushed the public health workforce to its limits. According to Kaiser Health News, over 300 public health leaders “have resigned, retired, or been fired” since the pandemic began. A recent survey of over 26,000 public health workers found that:

  • Over half reported having symptoms of a mental health condition in the previous two weeks.
  • Almost 12% reported receiving threats because of their jobs; 24% reported being bullied or harassed on the job.
  • 72% felt overwhelmed by their current workload.

The OSU Center for Health Innovation, the OSU Libraries, and the Student Public Health Association came together around the idea that although we cannot immediately address budget/staffing shortages, or how pandemic response has become so politicized, we can elevate voices of encouragement.

We believe that there are so many of us at OSU who appreciate all the work and sacrifices that have been made to protect the health of our community. And for that reason, we invite you to submit a postcard of thanks.

Postcard Dropbox located in the Women's Building on the Main Floor
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