Teeqo has 1.7 million subscribers on youtube and is apart of a trickshoting team named faze.
Temperrr has 1.5 subscribers on youtube and is also apart of Faze.
Censor also is a part of Faze and has over more than 2.2 million subscribers.
Adapt is also like I've been saying a part of Faze and has over 3.7 million subscribers, !!!!!AND EVER SINCE HE WAS ABLE TO SPEAK HE WAS NAMED THE STUTERR!!!!!
Rug before Faze was name Rugrat on youtube, but now he is named Faze rug and has 4.9 million subscribers.
Rain is also a part of Faze just like you saw in the previous picture with Faze Rug but right now Faze Rain has 4.8 million subscribers on youtube.
This is Faze Apex and "FREE" is a really popular phrase after he did a skit about fans always going to the old Faze house at NY city. Faze Apex was made fun of how short he is but actually Faze rug is the shortest and plus it was just a joke. Also Apex is one of the leaders of Faze. Right now Apex has 4.3 million subscribers.
Ok logic isn't a part of Faze but actually he is friends with the Faze members. Logic is a famous rapper and honestly you should go listen to his best album "The Incredible True story and the picture you saw at the start is his first song for his album "Everybody."
So that was a few famous Faze members I know. Faze is a group of people that play games like CS.GO, Call of duty, and more games.
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Alexis Baltazar

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