SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Kayla bavaro, CLASS: 5, due date: May 16, genus: Oryctolagus

  1. Organized
  2. Made of cells
  3. adapt to environment
  4. Respond to stimuli
  5. Maintain Homeostasis

Reproduction- create of an offspring; items join together.

Bunnies need to reproduce to keep the population count up so that they don't go extinct.

Grow and develop

Develop: to mature

Grow: increase in size

Labeled Diagram

A rabbit that was about 3 feet long and 10 months old, died on a plane leaving London that landed in Chicago. It's an unexplained death and people don't know how it happened.

Use of energy- eating

Labeled Diagram

Bunnies have to use energy eat to live. They gain energy by eating then burn it off by hopping around.

Adaptation to environment: adapting to their surroundings

The graph above shows the population of bunnies and predators. The predators are higher cause they are killing the bunnies. If the bunnies are dying by the predators then the bunnies aren't fully adapted to their environment. Meaning that they are young and can't survive alone.

SCAR -an organization- say that bunnies are not just for easter. Meaning that people are buying bunnies just for easter. Or they are capturing then from outside in the woods. This doesn't help the bunnies cause they can't adapt to their environment like they are supposed to.

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