Chrome books vs Ipads By ally and savannah

What would you. suggest?

We suggest a combination with both technology, as we think the use of both will be beneficial for plenty activities and assignments that are assigned in class.

Opinion: With my given experience with the iPads, I would say they are useful in helping to create different media presentations for in class assignments. The Ipads are wonderful for creating beautiful collages, more graphic and visual presentations. As to where the chrome books are very helpful for big projects like; essays, papers, and other written assignments as you have a keypad, and mouse with a bigger screen. The chrome books are also helpful with the collaboration part with peer classmates. You can do this on the iPad too but I find it is easier to do this from a laptop/chrome book because there is a bigger screen and you are able to type faster and complete assignments quicker. The iPad is just too touchy for peer collaboration assignments. Therefore, I think the iPad and chrome book should be used in combination of each other because you use the one device (chrome book) more as an everyday thing at school, where as the iPad would be used for creative assignments.

Collaboration is one of the most important 21st century skills, that allow a face to face communication when in th virtual world.

We also believe that the iPads should be around for the students with learning disabilities as they have such a hard time with communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. There have been plenty of apps recently that have been designed to help those students do all of that. The hand on technology allows them to be creative, is a therapeutic way of teaching them being able to slow down their day, and personalize lesson plans daily.

We conclude that, the use of chrome books and iPads should be used in combination of each other in the classrooms as they have different benefits for certain tasks in class. They should be used in conjunction as one device would be beneficial one day and the other the next. We should have the chrome books in class, with a new updated iPad cart for when needed.

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