Because of Mr.Terupt BY: Rob buyea


The author of The book Because of mr. Terupt is Rob Buyea.


The main character in this book is Mr. Terupt wich is a new teacher for a fifth grade class at snow hills elementary school. Some other main characters in this book is Luke. He is the smartest one and he is the one who gets all of his homwork done and turned in on time. Another student and main charecter is Alexia. Alexa is one of the bully's in their school and some people say that she is your friend one second and the next second she is your worst enemy. The last main character is Jessica. Jesica is also very smart and ant the same time she is a new student in their school so she has a tough time making friends.

Character traits

Mr. Terupt's trait is thoughtful. He is thoughtful because he helps Jessica get situated when she arrives at her new school. Another example of thoughtfulness that mr. Terupt has shown through out this book is when he makes the classroom a fun place for the kids. That was thoghtful because he was thinking about other people and not just his self.


The setting of this book is in thepresent because the book is a whole year of school told by the perspective of every main charecter in the book.


The conflict in this book is, at school the kids started a snow ball fight when mr. Terupt told them not to and when the snow ball fight got out of hand and people were getting hurt Peter ( another main charecter ) Through a ice ball at mr. Terupt's head. Mr. Terupt was in a coma for a long time. Since that happend the class has been falling apart. But the class visited Mr. Terupt often to stay calm about the incident.

The theme

"There is a consequence for all bad choices made"

New vocabulary

Number one: confrontation(pg.30), it means telling someone or something what you did.

Number two: concoction(pg.30 as well), it means, a mixture of different things.

Figurative language

Number one: personification, "I had visions of snowballs dancing in my head". ( pg 111)

Number two: hyperbole, "moms bluntness really zapped me". (Pg.99)

The end

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