My Tour of the Harn Museum of Art By: Ayla sage

Medium of the art/technique of the artist

Although pictures “are worth a thousand words”, seeing artwork in person is much different than viewing it on a screen. I found one piece of art that I found particularly interesting. This was La Grande Trompette made by Julio Gonzalez in 1932-1933. The material he used was “forged and welded iron with marble base”. I found this sculpture to pertain to the question extremely well mainly for one reason. This is because it is three dimensional. Yes, someone can take pictures from every angle and post them, but it is not the same as seeing it for yourself with your own eyes and being able to walk around the glass box that it is presented in. So although no picture is the same on screen than it is in person, this sculpture I found to pertain much more to this scenario. I also got to notice all the very small details by looking above, below, and on all sides of the object.

Design of the museum

When I first walked into the museum, I was exposed to a large open common area with a service desk to the right and a few couches to my left. I thought the museum to be slightly confusing when I walked in. I couldn’t quite understand the design of the building and also how all the wings fit together. That is not to say that all the wings were supposed to fit together with a common theme, maybe they weren’t. The front entrance was mainly lit by natural light that shone through the windows. The light became much dimmer where all the actual artwork was. The dark wooden floors seemed to go well with the art and not overpower it. A wing of the museum that I found interesting was the Intra-Action. This wing showed art made/ created by women. It was very powerful to see how much amazing art women have created in the past and that they were able to make it during those years.

art and core values

There were many pieces of art in the museum that I found very appealing, but there were some that showed more value to me than others. The ones that I found very interesting were the ones with people in them. One particular picture I found reminded me of my family. My immediate family consists of my mother, father, and older brother; we’ve been lucky enough to have not gone through anything that would separate us such as divorce or an extremely large fight. The painting is called Cuarteto Habanero by Cundo Bermundez. This reminded me how grateful I am to have them and how I should keep in touch more. I will learn more how after I complete my first year of college I’m sure.

art and the good life

As I was walking around the Intra-Action section like I mentioned before, there was one image that particularly stood out to me. I can’t remember what specifically caught my attention first, but this image and its glitter, focus, mess, and body language gave me something to think about. To me it seemed that the artist was trying to portray something of independence and confidence. I liked that the picture stood out from all others in the section. It seemed more modern. Mainly, this photo reminded me to be different. Do not let others judge you and do what you enjoy. Perhaps it was the red lips and bold attitude, but the picture and what it represents to me is something I wish to embody and hold true as a moral. Find your path to the good life by being yourself and being who you truly want to be. The picture below was taken by Marilyn Minter.


first picture taken from

rest of the pictures were taken by me

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