Clouds Danielle Hayes

Stratus Clouds are associated with drizzle or snow grains. A Stratus Cloud can be located at less 2000 meters or 6500 feet. You can identify a stratus cloud because they are thick, large and heavy looking clouds.
Nimbostratus clouds are also found at 2000 meters. The weather that is associated with this cloud is usually precipitation. You can identify this cloud because it is darker colored and may stretch high into the atmosphere.
The Cumulus cloud is the basic puffy clouds that you can see shapes in. When a cumulus cloud continues to grow it becomes a towering cumulus. Which can create rain showers. They can be found at less than 2000 meters.
The base of an altostratus cloud is between 2000 and 7000 meters. These clouds are a lot larger in size and stretch for miles. They are comprised of ice crystals and water droplets.
The altocumulus cloud has a base that is between 2000 and 7000 meters. This cloud appears to be bumpy and they are very large. They are usually there in the morning making it humid because there is expected to be a thunderstorm in the afternoon.
These clouds are humongous. From a low base of nearly 600 meters to 18,000 meters. When an updraft is within this cloud that is what is responsible for hail. Precipitation can also occur, but the most common is thunderstorms.
These clouds are usually 6000 meters and above. These clouds are like ripples in the sky. These are due to fair weather.
Cirrus clouds are mainly composed of ice crystals. They are usually 6000 meters or more. These usually occur with fair weather. They are like thin and wispy.


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