Endangered Species lino-cut McKEnna bombard

The assignment was to find an endangered specie, and find pictures of it to create and idea of what you wanted to draw and once you found the picture that you wanted to do you had to make a sketch of it on linoleum, once you sketched it, you had to carve out the pieces that you wanted to print, after that you had to roll ink on top of the linoleum, then you had to print it on a blank sheet of white paper to create a black print.

Chocolate Cosmos

In the beginning I was planning to do a Red Panda and then I decided to do the Chocolate Cosmos because it was easier to draw and I love drawing flowers, they are very simple to draw, especially this flower.

I think that my work turned out very well but I believe that it could've been a lot better, I missed a couple days while we started working on it, so I was a little bit behind, but the way I carved it out I cut out some pieces that I wanted in the final print, but I feel like I still tried my hardest on it.


Created with images by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) - "Chocolate Cosmos / Cosmos atrosanguineus / チョコレートコスモス"

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