Pontine Social media strategy

Step 1 : Defining our goals

Pontine, as our chosen company is a stock exchange for startups and investors. The service that Pontine provides is both an online and mobile (application) platform that allows the trading of stocks, to ultimately fund emerging companies, while providing a source of revenue for would-be investors. However the company is still in the early startup phase of development, thus the creation and implementation of a good social media strategy is crucial for gaining initial market share and recognition.

As we have no previous benchmarks for Pontine to gauge our progress, we have decided to combine both the SMART strategy with the BSQ (Big Small Quick) strategy. The BSQ strategy encourages BIG thinking (define your ultimate goal), putting SMALL milestones and by thinking QUICK about your timeline. Comparatively, "S.M.A.R.T" goal setting established by Paul J. Meyer, brings a very structured and clear approach, by providing clear milestones, objectives and attainability. This goal setting system follows five basic principles in order to achieve the desired goals:

  • Specific: What exactly do we want to achieve?
  • Measurable: Breaking down the end goal, into smaller measurable segments.
  • Attainable: Can it be achieved?
  • Relevant: Coherent with other organizational goals
  • Tangible: A precise number

Pontine should consider the following social media strategies in order to achieve this goal. Firstly, in order to gain early access to the platform (early access grants extra benefits) users will need to sign up via their email. However, they will be placed into a virtual waiting list. Users can climb this waiting list, by inviting friends, work colleagues, etc to join Pontine. These invites will be visible on social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram (e.g #Pontine), twitter, etc. This in turn will create an initial social media presence for Pontine, as the company name and services are being freely advertised by users sharing invites with others, which should also attract many more potential customers.

Our ultimate goal is that before opening the app (August 2018), the number of subscribers to our app is 500 000 people.

Pontines strategic goals can be achieved through these benchmarks:

Benchmark 1 : Have +500 new Youtube followers per month

To capture people’s attention we are going to start a Vlog. This Vlog will contain updates about the company, any upcoming news and information that is relevant to users as well as how the platform is being developed. Vlogs are a great way to connect with the users directly, they are short, and deliver the message efficiently. Furthermore we know that companies such as Zappos have used this tool in the past with great results, bringing their customers closer to them and increasing brand loyalty and retention.

  • Additionally once people start watching the videos it will trigger a network effect. More and more people will talk about it, thus word of mouth will be an effective tool to spread awareness of Pontine.
  • Pontine’s targeted customers are entrepreneurs looking for new platforms to promote and finance their app as well as crowd funders and investors looking for new opportunities. Therefore the videos need to be straightforward, with a vocabulary accessible to everyone, but nevertheless we need to keep a serious tone since at the end of the day we are an investing platform and we are dealing with people’s money.
  • In this vlogs we will announce that to have early access to our app you need to be subscribed by email.

Benchmark 2: Have a 25% growth on social tagging within the 2 first months of the announcement

Our plan will only be effective if we are able to capture people’s attention on social media. Since we are not focusing on any specific social media network we are just gonna focus on winning attention across the different ones that exist. We will create pages for our company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • We want to make sure that by the time the announcement is made we have integrated social media across the organization staff. To make sure everyone is aware of where we are going and what is our goals. If everyone is present in social media and making publicity about the company, the spreading effect is gonna be bigger than if we only open a single page for the company. By doing this we will be closer to the customers since they can feel identified with the people working in the company.
  • We only plan on having such a spectacular growth for 2 months because we are being realistic. After the initial boost the excitement will fade until the days prior to the release, therefore we are being realistic and not expecting any growth during that time lapse. The important thing is that people get to know the company and sign up, afterwards they will be more active via email, hopefully.

Step 2 : Planning our content

It is crucial to have the content planned ahead to keep up with your customers expectations and be able to deliver everything on time.


  • As we have mentioned before we want to have a completely integrated social media strategy across the organization.
  • On the company’s pages across the different social media networks we want to make sure that the content is homogenized and sufficient, so that no matter what social network our clients use they will all get the same amount of information at the end of the day. We want to favorize short, precise and informative posts. Once a post has more than 140 characters the chances that people don’t read the whole post will increase. Therefore we need to focus on the visual and short clear information. We can always re-direct to a longer post if customers want to know more information.
  • One to two posts a day are sufficient because with a larger number of posts people feel like there is too much information being sent to them and might be tempted to unfollow.

Concerning Youtube it is extremely important to upload videos often. Two categories of videos will be made: the first ones about the company and the weekly progress. Getting to know the employees, who is involved, what news are coming, which startups are getting involved with us… Then more informative videos about the start.up sector today, news, how to invest, quick highlights with the possibility of expanding this category into others depending on how the viewers react. This will allow to broaden the targeted audience: we do not only stream for people interested in the company but also we will be attracting people who want to know more of the start-up sector. Potentially if they ever decide to start a company they will come directly to us- we are targeting our potential customers too.

There should be one upload of a video of each category per week. The companies videos should be recorded and done 3 days before the upload. The informative video should be done a week in advance to allow modifications if any big new comes up.

Our employees accounts should be available to answer questions about the company if asked and just specify that they are working in the company. No more would be asked from them at least in this 1st stage

What is the next step?

Now it is time to create this effective platforms and see the results. The main 3 points that will define this stage will be : build, connect and engage.

We have to build an effective platform, connect with the communities and potential clients and finally engage them to follow us and get in touch with PONTINE


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