Professor Interview Dr. King

These are the questions I used to interview my Human Sexual Behavior Professor, Dr. Bruce King. The dotted ones are the ones that I used.
These are the notes that I took from the interview. It took around 30 minutes to finish the interview.


I chose to interview this professor because his class is one of my favorites. Even though it has over 800 people in the class, I still learn a lot and it is very interesting to me! It was very interesting to hear about his life and how he thinks. He also told me that he took a year off after his freshman year, so I thought that was very interesting because a lot of people thinking taking a year off is not a good thing but he is so successful. I learned that not all professors are mean and that they really want you to succeed. I know that he has 800 people in his class but he still really cared about what I had to say and wanted to help me out with is project. I now know they care about me and that they will usually try to help, but you just have to reach out to them. I learned that I really like interviewing people and seeing how they think and how their lives differ from mine. If my nursing career does not work out I will definitely look into having a job where I can interview people! It was super fun!


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