KION: Evaluating Candidates as HR ROLE: HR EXPERT

The purpose of this document is to show you how to evaluate applicants, release applicants to managers, disposition applicants, and extend offers to an applicant.

Once logged in you will see any new applications that HR Expert is responsible for. You can get to these applications by either clicking "New Applications" on the left hand side of the screen under Applications, or by clicking the interactive graph.

The next screen will show all new applications which have not been assessed yet. Click on the applicant's name you wish to evaluate.

After clicking on an applicant you can quickly see the information the applicant provided such as references, resumes, contact information, etc. Once you have reviewed the applicant's information you can invite the applicant to an interview or send communication to that applicant (rejection letter, add to job pool, etc).

When you are ready to provide an evaluation on an applicant as an HR Expert, click the "Appraisal HR" sub-tab. Clicking the pencil next to "HR expert assessment" allows you to rate and provide a text evaluation on the applicant.

Provide your evaluation, comments, rating etc..

Now that you've input your evaluation details, you'll want to send notification to the hiring manager. Click on the "Appraisal from Executive" sub-tab.

Click on the pencil next to "Release the application for the responsible manager". Make sure the check box "Released for manager" has been selected, then click "Save". This will send an email alert to the Hiring Manager alerting them to review this application.

Once the team has evaluated and selected a candidate you can extend the offer to the candidate from a template in the system with any other relevant forms attached. Select the check box next to the job, then click on the drop down menu.

After the candidate has accepted the job, you will need to disposition any remaining candidates from that job. To do this from the home page click on the "Positions and Applications" and select the job you have chosen a candidate for. Once you've clicked on the job, click on the sub-tab label "Applicants Overview".

Here you are able to multi select applicants and send a rejection email, or other types of disposition emails, from templates in the system.

After sending all rejection communication to all applicants, you can close the job by clicking the "Description" sub-tab and selecting "Archive Job" on the left hand side of the screen.

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