Just a bit about me... Eileen

As you now know I am Eileen. First off some physical information about me, I am a female, brown hair, grey eyes, and 5'3. Now that you know how I look like, let me tell you about ME. I like to think of my self as a nice person, and I love to dance, which brings me to the fact of how I love imaginative things. That rages from aesthetic art to sentimental music. I am Persian and very proud of my heritage ( and the amazing food). I live with my amazing mother and lazy Chihuahua (who is the cutest puppy ever). Now lets get a little deeper about me...

Music and Movies

Music is a big part of who I am. I do not remember a day I have gone without my head phones!

my music

...I am not sure how to describe my music taste, above all I did was screen shot my music in my phone of recently listened to. Although this is just a little sample...

...I added 3 songs which I thought would give a clearer understanding on the songs I enjoy listening to...

... Collage of few of (in my opinion) the best singers.

My movie taste is the same as my music taste, all over the place...

Here is a classic, such a good movie (The Breakfast Club).

Lets get a little serious with the one time Oscar winner...

Orange is the New Black, very inappropriate, intensely dark humor, explicit nudity, and the best plot line to any show I have ever seen. The creators are truly disturbed geniuses...

This is one of the hundreds of comedies I waste my time on during the breaks. Its pretty good...

One of the more dirty comedies I watch during the breaks.

Now for my hobbies and interests:

As you might be able to tell from my cover picture, I dance.


that's my getting stretched to danceee

Bare prep

getting all prepped up to start some bare...

En point

me looking on point! ( cause its en point)

that is the studio I dance at.


That up there is something I'm actually really proud of. It is a my Dead pool made with line art on illustrator! I would say this is defiantly my interest.

This is a video of a girl doing a wicked hip hop piece, I loveeee hip hop and wanted to show another style of dance.

A video of a studio right in downtown, I absolutely love it there. You can take drop in classes when ever!

Different dances

That is a collage of all my personal favorite dances, I will order them from left to right moving down. Hip hop, break dancing, ballet, contemporary, and dance hall.

Lets go back to my very first hobby, ballet...

then my second, hiphop. (also every other dance)

And my third newly found passion, illustrator (I made a Eminem sign (on my free time) with illustrator)

Now you know a little about MMMEEEEEEEE hope you enjoyed


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