Harrisson Bergeron Response process

  1. In this text, everyone is equal but not in the good way instead of making everyone very good they lowered everyone's intelligence. An other part that grabbed my attention is when Harrison took of his handicaps and clearly represented freedom.

2. I know what it is to have our freedom taken away, because everyone got a sentence from their parents where they needed to stay in a room for a long time or to have our toys taken away, so that's why I understand Harrisson Bergeron's will to be free. Also being different is a completely normal thing even if it mean getting rejected by someone and I know what I'm talking about, because I used to change school a lot in my childhood (changing home and all that stuff) which sucked, since by the time I was making friends we changed home again.

3. I think that this satyre text is a good lesson for everyone, since it show what being equal can do including take away the freedom of everyone involved. Also some difference are better than other like musical or dancing talent that need to be improved. It makes me think about the passion for videogames me and my friend share and even if we don't like the same games, we like playing videogames because we can do whatever we want in videogames.

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