EYES WIDE OPEN OnCampus Healing and Discipleship in action

Living in Truth Ministries recognizes that every woman is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind expression of her Creator. She has intrinsic worth, and God has a plan and purpose for her life.

Our mission is to help every woman discover truth, find hope, and embrace freedom from worldly lies surrounding food and body-image so that she can embrace the unique plan God has for her life.

Alarming Statistics:

  • Only four percent of the women around the world consider themselves beautiful.
  • Tens of millions struggle with eating disorders in the U.S. alone.
  • Millions more struggle with toxic thoughts and destructive behaviors surrounding food and body-image.
  • Up to 85% of the population struggles with low self-esteem.
  • As many as 6% of teens entering college have a pre-existing, untreated eating disorder.
  • Thirty-five percent of students on college campuses are likely “normal” dieters but 25% of these students likely exhibit symptoms at a pathological dieting level.

We believe it is time to equip college women with the tools they need to weed out worldly lies and live in God’s truth so they can break the cycle of disordered eating and negative body-image and pioneer a generation of women who are redefining beauty!

Eyes Wide Open is a 10-week healing group program that is a proven and effective tool to help women break the chains of food issues and poor body-image.

Our 10 Week Healing Group Program will allow women on your campus to:

  • Toss out toxic thoughts
  • Replace food and body-image lies with biblical truth
  • Love themselves for who they are
  • Discover their true identity
  • Grow closer to God
  • Develop authentic relationships with other women
  • And more!

Here's what others have said about our program:

“Eyes Wide Open changed my life… I had been struggling with disordered eating for four years… I had read every book, watched every video, listened to every podcast, and searched every blog in a desperate hunt to find freedom. All my attempts were futile. They were missing the most important component… JESUS! …My Eyes Wide Open group offered a support system of loving, caring women that were walking the same path of faith, all breaking free from the grasp of the enemy. I have been healing and walking even closer to Jesus ever since.”

“This study will lead you to begin to see yourself as the wondrous work of art God Himself has created you to be.”

“Taking the class was definitely a turning point in helping me overcome insecurities and poor body-image.”

“The connection with Scripture is the “secret” to the program. If you love God’s Word and know its power to transform lives, you will love this program.”

The Eyes Wide Open small group format healing program emphasizes spiritual and emotional healing from the many worldly lies surrounding food, body-image, and self-esteem. Through community-based support and individual study, this program will help participants discover truth, find hope, and embrace freedom with like-minded sisters-in-Christ.

If this is the type of small group program your student wellness center, discipleship department, or campus ministry group would like to bring to your campus, please allow us a few minutes of your time to tell you how you can!

Tanya Jolliffe, RDN, LD - Director of Strategic Growth & Development

I would love the opportunity to talk with you about how you can bring Eyes Wide Open OnCampus to your student community.

Rae Lynn DeAngelis - Founder & Executive Director of Living in Truth Ministries

I would love to share my story of hope and healing through God's Word.

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Tanya Jolliffe

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