Sulfur Logan rigney

The symbol of my element is S.
The element that I am doing is Sulfur.
The Atomic number of the element Sulfur is 16.
The element Sulfur has 16 Protons, 16 Neutrons, and 16 Electrons
Sulfur has an Atomic Mass of 32.066
The yellowish substance called sulfur is Brittle and it is a solid.
Sulfur is a Non-Metal
Antoine Lavoisier was the discoverer of the element Sulfur.
Antoine Lavoisier discovered Sulfur in the year of 1777.
The element Sulfur is used for Fumigation in pre-classical Greece.
I found 2 physical and 1 chemical properties.
Burns with a blue flame with formation of Sulfur Dioxide- Chemical Properties
Forms polyatomic molecules with different Chemical formulas- Physical Properties
High Temperature the viscosity decreases as depolymerization occurs.- Physical Properties
Sulfur is an abundant in nature. It also has the smell as of a rotten egg. Sulfur is the 10th abundant element in the universe. Today it's used as sulfuric acid and used for fertilizers, batteries, and cleaners.


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