Agriculture Sam MIller

Wheat was one of the first crops that was grown.

The 1st Agricultural Revolution- This is referred to as the neolithic revolution. It occurred in 8,000 BCE. During this time period people discovered how to farm. Some of the first food sources were barley, wheat, lentil, and olive.

Seed drills allowed farmers to work more efficiently.

The 2nd Agricultural Revolution- This revolution coincided with the Industrial Revolution which started around 1760. New technologies such as the seed drill allowed farmers to avoid wasting seeds and plant in straighter lines. The use of machines has enabled farmers to plant and harvest more efficiently.

Fertilizer allowed plants to grow much faster.

The 3rd Agricultural Revolution- This revolution is also known as the Green Revolution and it occurred in the 1940s. During this time farmers started using fertilizer and pesticides which allowed farming to be more efficient and be more reliable.

GMO- Stands for genetically modified organism. A GMO is when DNA from one species is extracted and forced into unrelated plant or animal. They improve the quality of crops and can genetically modify animals. GMOs improve resistance to insects and they also have better nutrition. On the other hand many people are allergic to GMO products.

Subsistence agriculture is when people only grow enough food to survive. Commercial agriculture is when people farm to make money. Sustainable agriculture is farming while protecting the environment at the same time.

  • Mesopotamians were the first to build an irrigation system
  • Bananas are the number one fruit crop in the world.
  • More than 6,000 different kinds of apples are grown around the world.
  • Guinea pig farms can be found in Peru and other Latin America countries.


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