Harriet Lindsay CAS Highlights

She has been a professor in the Chemistry Department focusing on organic chemistry at EMU since 2002. She is also the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the Undergraduate Symposium and she’s a Faculty Associate for Undergraduate Research in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Her research involves designing new reactions that can be used as a tool to make useful molecules such as medicines and catalysts. Harriet explained, “We want to design reactions that are more environmentally friendly so that we can make molecular scaffolds with a smaller environmental impact. Our idea is that other scientists will be able to take out methods for making these scaffolds and attach various appendices to them and create new versions of drugs.” When it comes to teaching, she uses “flipped” classes where students watch lectures on videos before they go to class and then solve problem sets in groups during class. A high point in her teaching career was a recent Honors Organic Chemistry I project that took place in the Fall. Students got a chance to analyze the environmental impacts of organic chemistry teaching lab experiments and design more environmentally friendly solutions. Some of these solutions were implemented in the labs this Spring semester. Harriet said “ it was a way for students to put organic chemistry into action and to allow them to see that they were making a difference in making our curriculum better.” Thank you Harriet for your commitment to the EMU community! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS

Office of Undergraduate Research website: https://www.emich.edu/research/undergrad_research/index.php

Undergraduate Symposium website: https://www.emich.edu/symposium/

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