Unit 6 Vocab By- Tyler hart

1. Facism- A dictatorship based around nationalism(pride for your country) highly similar to totalitarianism

2. Appeasment- term used by U.K. prime minister Neville Chamberlain to "give into" someone or somethings demands

3. Blitzkrieg- the name of Hitler's military strategy, which was to hit quickly and hard with intense military force

4. Embargo- An official ban of trade, country to country

5. 2nd Great Migration- migration during WWII where five million Americans moved west for jobs

6. Four Freedoms Speech- speech given by Roosevelt in 1941, the freedoms were freedoms of expression and speech, from want, and from fear

7. Hemispheric Defense Zone- A zone that declared the Atlantic ocean as neutral during WWII, allowing U.S. ships to patrol the waters and reveal the location of German submarines

8. Pearl Harbor- An incident on December 7, 1941, where the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Roosevelt Declared this day as one which should "forever live in infamy"

9. Rationing- During the war, civilians conserved supplies to increase resources for building weapons

10. Victory Gardens- During WII, civilians used their backyards and public parks to great gardens to provide food for the war effort

11. Double V Campaign- campaign established to promote "victory at home and victory abroad", witch was meant to help end segregation at home

12. Zoot Suit Riot- A series of riots in California in 1943, where servicemen stripped and beat Mexican-Americans who were wearing zoot suits

13. Bracero Program- A program that let Mexican citizens to enter the united states to work

14. Doolittle Raid- an air raid on Tokyo, organized by James Doolittle

15. Island hopping- War strategy coordinated by Douglas Macarthur, the point of the strategy was to capture islands one by one, moving inward towards Japan

16. Operation Torch- the British-American raid of North Africa

17. Operation Overlord- The name for the battle Normandy, which was the first successful invasion of German territory

18. Manhattan Project- code name for the project of the atomic bomb

19. V-E Day- the day marking the victory of the allied forces on May 8, 1945

20. V-J Day- The day marking the victory of the Allied forces in the pacific theatre on august 15, 1945

21. Franklin D. Roosevelt- 32nd president of The United States, served March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945, serving a total of three terms

22. Adolf Hitler- The German dictator during the period of WWII, responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians

23. Joseph Stalin- Communist Russian leader during WWII, responsible for purges that killed millions and overworking people in his work camp, known as The Gulag

24. Douglas Macarthur- Five star general that served during WWII, was responsible for devising the Island Hopping strategy, which was very succesful

25. Winston Churchill- British prime minister during WWII

26. George Patton- General that served in both WWI and WWII known for his leadership of the third army that fought in France and Normandy

27. Dwight Eisenhower- 34th President Of The United States, also well know for his roll in creating Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy

28. Harry S. Truman- Vice president under Roosevelt, but became President after Roosevelt's untimely death in 1945

29. Rosie The Riveter- character created for propaganda posters during WWII, meant to help draw women into working in the factories

30. Tuskegee Airmen- The first all African-American air force platoon, famous for never losing a flight escort

31. Navajo Code Talkers- The only unbreakable military code to ever exist, due to the poor records of the Navajo language, the code was used to give vital commands and information to troops in WWII

32. 442nd Combat Regiment- The first all Japanese-American combat regiment, established in WWII, the most decorated U.S. regiment in history

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