HTJK Jazli Lopez


HTJK is an awesome bot with dangerous weapons! We had to write a persuasive essay for english. We wanted to have some fun while doing it, so we decided to build bots. Holly, my partner, and I decided to name our bot HTJK. We chose this name to represent our friends. We combined all of our initials to make it. We learned about the design cycle process while making our bot. We did this to learn about the process. Also, to get better teamwork skills while doing it, and it was so much fun. HTJK is the best bot because it’s weapons, defensive moves, and it looks dangerously awesome!

HTJK is the best bot because of it’s weapons. We decided to make a hammer for the top of our bot. Since it was able to go on three wheels, the hammer was able to smash other bots when it went down on four wheels. We also had a hammer on the bottom to attack when it was on three wheels only which made our bot even more dangerous. Then, on the front our bot, we had a drill. The drill did most of the damage. When a bot tried to attack us from the front, the drill stopped them. Instead of them hurting our bot, we hurt theirs. On our wheels, we had nails to hurt the other bots, and, at the same time, protect our bot. This proves that HTJK was the best because of it’s weapons.

A close up picture of HTJK's Weapons!

HTJK’s defensives moves made it the best bot in the entire class. Defense is what helps you win. Defense always comes first, which is why Holly and I decided to make defense our top priority. We had made the drill for when other bots tried to attack us. It would hurt them instead of them hurting us. Attacking from the front wouldn’t go well for them.The nails we had on the wheels were for our protection. If they tried to attack from the side, the nails would catch them. We had nails on both sides, making it hard for us to be defeated. If they attacked from the sides, they would also get stopped. This proves that the defense HTJK had makes it the best bot in the class.

HTJK in action!

HTJK looks dangerously awesome, making it the best bot in the class. Our bot is black with flame stickers on the sides. We also added our own stickers to give it our personal touch. The weapons we had put on it made it look dangerous. Weapons are an important part of our bot’s look. It had to look awesome but dangerous at the same time. We also had to make it look neat. We couldn’t have a messy bot. When we put the stickers on, we had to make them perfectly straight. The neatness and creativeness makes our bot look awesome and dangerous. The awesomeness and dangerousness proves HTJK is the best.

HTJK has great defense, amazing weapons, and also looks neat but creative, with danger added, making it the best bot ever. The weapons HTJK has makes it the best. Having great defensive moves makes HTJK the best bot ever. You’ve got to have nothing but an imagination to make something amazing, like HTJK, with determination and creativity.

Jazli and Holly showing off their bot! Go HTJK!

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