The Reagan Revolution Brianna Haynes

Reagan was elected into office Nov 4, 1980. He was a conservative and a republican. His main goals in office were to lower income taxes on the rich and middle class, end the cold war, and limit the amount of drugs in the US. Lowering taxes was appealing to most Americans because taxes were really high. Reagan believed the amount of drug use needed to be decreased tremendously. He also gave new meaning to the words freedom and equality.
Mar 30, 1981: Assassination Attempt. John Hinckley, Jr. shot President Reagan outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. just after the president had addressed the Building and Construction Workers Union. However, Hinckley was not a great shot and Reagan survived the shot (chest). He later becomes one of the most influential presidents and helped turn America into what we are today.
Economics: Reagan's economic policies are known as Reaganomics. Aug 13, 1981 Reagan lowered taxes with the Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA). He also deregulated of the economy, lowered prices in some industries, came up with the "trickle down effect", supply side economics to combat stagflation, but created some scandals in the process (Iran-contra scandal and air-strike controller firing). The stock market boomed but wages did not have much success and the spending went up. The wealth gap grew even farther apart.
Social: Reagan's main issues he dealt with was AIDS , Abortion , Drug Abuse, Affirmative Action debates, education, and Gay rights. Education became another major social issue because we saw that we were falling behind other countries. AIDS was a very concerning issue because it was rapidly spreading and there was no cure. Nancy Reagan launched what was known as the "Just say NO!' campaign as well to help combat with drugs. Another social aspect happened in Sep 1981 when Justice Sandra Day O'Connor became the First Female Justice. Homelessness also became an issue.
Political: During Reagan's presidency the Cold War was still going on. Reagan had been a hardliner against communism and referred to USSR as the “Evil Empire”. To help stop the Cold War he created the The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as Star Wars. This was a program to develop a sophisticated anti-ballistic missile system in order to prevent missile attacks from other countries, specifically the Soviet Union. By doing so he increased military spending and increased nuclear arsenal (Nuclear Freeze Movement).

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