4/10/17 Gold Track CITS Newsletter

Tech Tip - Duplicate Tech Tickets

If you have a student laptop cart with different laptops that have similar technical issues, you can easily create tech tickets for each laptop with the duplicate option. After you create a tech ticket, click on the ticket again. Then select the Duplicate Ticket option under the Choose Action menu. Finally, just change the computer name and refill in the details in the comments section and click Save.

SMART Board Tech Tip - Screen Shade

The Screen Shade tool is just like putting a piece of paper on an old overhead transparency projector. The Screen Shade places a box over all programs currently open on the computer. Handles on all four edges allow for the screen shade to reveal only what the user wants shown. 1. Click on the arrow on your system tray (near the date and time at the bottom of your screen). 1. Right-click on the SMART Board icon. 3. Click on Screen Shade.

Adjust the handles as needed.

SMART Notebook Screen Shade - Can be used to cover portions of a SMART Notebook page (Note: Screen Shade can be turned on and off for each individual page within a Notebook file and saved with preselected layouts).

1. Navigate to desired SMART Notebook page. 2. Click on the "Show/Hide Screen Shade" button.

Change Screen Shade Color 1. Navigate to the desired page. 2. Click on the "Show/Hide Screen Shade" button. 3. Click on the gray portion of the screen shade (continue clicking until desired color displays).

Tools Worth Checking Out

Classtools.net - Fun and free resources for your classroom including Fakebook, Arcade Game/Flashcard Generator, Roulette Wheel (random name picker), Crossword Generator, QR Treasure Hunt, Breaking News Template, and more!

A Little Motivation for You and Your Students

Something Funny....

My Schedule for the Month of April

My schedule this month is set to accomodate projects and joint curriculum/technology planning meetings across all three campuses on days that are most convenient for YOU. Please send me an email or calendar invite for any day that is marked "All Gold Campuses" if you would like to meet to plan a lesson that incorporates technology, learn how to use a program or new technology equipment, or have assistance during a lesson with your students that utlizes technology.

Have a great week!


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